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Vindicated Comic: Coming To Life Soon!

COVID-19 delayed all production of Vindicated Comic. We are excited to mention that our team has worked very hard for the past couple of years to bring our Comic to life. During the next couple of weeks, we will be publishing a short promotional film of our comic. In this short, we get a sneak peek of what our Comic book entails.

Vindicated was created to push people forward and achieve their dreams. Because of this, we are incredibly excited to mention that we worked alongside local talent, including our Director, Cinematographer, and Actors, in the making of this project. Everyone included was passionate about bringing this story to life.

We are also excited to let you all know that each Vindicated comic will not only be in Comic Book form, but also in Motion Books. The best part of this news is that it won't just stop here. As the months go by, we will post and create lots of content to keep everyone informed as to what's to come. Stay tuned to see more of Vindicated Comic in live-action!

Please take note that the short film we're working on is separate from the Vindicated cable/TV series.

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